Our offer

Rubber floor wipers MASTER and antivibration matts

Matts and rubber floor wipers MASTER are available in dimensions: 150x100cm; 100x50cm; 60x40cm

Useful properties:
– excellent water and mud drainage;
– elimination of the possibility of slipping on wet or slippery smooth surface;
– the ability to cover large surface of any shape (connectors included);
– ground stabilization

We produce matts for use in the standard conditions and also with increased resistance to oils greases.

Matts and rubber floor wipers MASTER are manufactured in colors: black, brick red, green, brown, gray or other agreed with the customer.

Temperature range of application -30oC to +70oC

Antivibration matts  

size: 50×50 cm

thickness: 9 mm
weight: ~2,5 kg
hardness: 50 ShA / 70 ShA
tensile strength: min. 5 MPa / 7 MPa
max. density: 1,35 Mg/m3
elongation at break: min. 200% / 150%